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Comfortable and portable budget open headphones? (<£40/$70)

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(Old thread title: Should I mod my Monoprice 8323 for comfort or new headphones?) - Changed my mind, want something different now.

Hey everyone, I've recently bought a pair of Monoprice 8323 in search of enjoying better sound quality and isolation from annoying flatmates. I would say the sound from these are spectacular considering I paid £18 for them. It was relatively uncomfortable and I was close to giving these away to my brother for a more comfortable pair hence my old thread title. But then I stuffed some rolled up tissue inside the pads and now that my ears are no longer pressed and can breath. Its also loosened up a bit so it quite comfy now. 

So basically now, I want to try out different types of cans. I've got some Brainwavz Delta to start off for some IEMs and I want to try some open headphones too. Ideally, I want something more comfortable than these 8323 and portable enough that I could leave on my neck and not have them in the way. I want to start off cheap with a budget of £40 and decide what type I like before I go for higher end headphones later. I listen to mainly C-Pop/Pop/Electronic/Acoustic/Rap and I'm not into much classical, jazz, rock or metal. My source is straight from my PCs output or iPhone 5C, so I don't have an external amp/DAC. It'll be used for general listening when my flat isn't loud and for times where I need to be able to hear people talk to me. Where as my closed 8323 are used for when I need isolation or studying and my IEMs are for on the go.


I've been looking at stuff all day but I just can't decide. Currently my list is:

Koss Portapro, 
Senn PX100 II, 
AKG K420, 

Are there any other gems that I've missed?

Price wise, they're all pretty much £30 at the moment. I'm leaning a bit towards the PX100 II because it seem to be said as the more comfortable one and I like the single sided wire. Though I love the looks of the Portapro and I've also heard good stuff about the comfort, though it seems to be bit too bass heavy and like to eat your hair? The K420 seems good all round but I prefer the looks of the other two and I heard the pads are not removable on this, not that it matters that much.



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Yamaha HPH 200s are really good headphones for the genres you've listed. I think they cost around £64 on Amazon.uk and 150 dollars on Amazon.com


I know that even at £64 they are a clearly over your budget but this headphones are often compared with Grados priced over 150 dollars.


You can read about them here:





Best Luck!

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I've got both the PX100 II and PortaPro and I'd say that the PX100s are actually the bassier of the two. Both are excellent sounding and great value!
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