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For Sale or Trade: Klipsch x10

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For Sale or Trade:
Klipsch x10

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have a pair of Klipsch x10 IEMs, up for sale/trade. You'll get everything you see in the attached photos:

  • the IEMs themselves
  • hard carrying case with magnetic lid
  • cleaning tool
  • S/M/L single-flange tips
  • M double-flange tips, and one small double-flange tip (not sure what happened to the other one).
  • (on request) a pair of medium-sized standard Comply foam tips


Sorry for the ****ty pic quality. Nothing wrong with them, everything works and is clean, but the sound signature just isn't for me (I don't like recessed mids) so I've moved on to Westone 2s. I'm willing to trade them for another pair of IEMs; I prefer headphones with good bass/impact and clear/natural mids and highs. Thanks!


I'm willing to ship anywhere in the world, you pay shipping if outside of conUS.

Thanks for looking! 

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Can you give me a quick description of the Sig of your x10's?
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Sorry for the very late response. Their sound signature has actually been a difficult thing for me to nail down. They have sort of an analog-like, laid-back and polite sound... I don't like using the word "warm" because it seems to be a generic blanket term, but they are smooth. The treble is articulate and polite. The midrange is laid back, slightly recessed, and the bass is boosted a little with great texture, no bloating whatsoever.


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