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Been using my Heir Audio for a year now and loving it, and i feel like it's time to upgrade. After getting speakers i haven't really been into the headphone game for awhile, so i need some recommendations for a >$300 pair of iems, with no fixed price but preferable lower than say....$600-700. I'm willing to go higher if it truly is amazing sound (though i understand the law of diminishing returns)


As for what i listen to, i listen to everything from bass heavier music like hip hop and electronic, to "lighter" genres such as folk. I need hard hitting but not overpowering, so neutral is fine as long as it can provide bass. Balanced is probably another option. Bright sound signatures are a no, however.


I require a decent bit of noise cancellation too, enough that i don't hear noises around me. I want microphonics to be at a minimum too, so probably an around-the-ear iem like the i have now


Comfort is relatively important but not the priority compared to sound


A few that i've looked at:


UE900s (not a fan of the swivel from the original ue900)


Sennheiser IE800 (Loved it when i listened to it, price is a bit steep however)


HiFiMan RE-600 (don't know much about these)


Noble Audio (various models, specifically the switch models or the wizard/classic models such as the Noble 5)


Using a Galaxy S3 as source for now, will probably get a newer phone in the coming months

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