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Intro-products and general info

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Hey everyone, 

I'm just writing a quick introduction for the site to get it out of the way really. I'm a nurse in the Midwest USA area that has recently developed a healthy appreciation for the audiophile community, due mainly to my friends but also to what I feel is a natural progression given my analytic tendencies. I have had the opportunity to test an inordinate number of high-end audio equipment thanks to my friends, and I've caught the bug, so to speak. 

I have already dealt with some of the members of the site and had good experiences, but as my experience and knowledge grows I e hope to be more involved with discussion and the like. I foresee many future dealings in the IEM and amplification arenas, with potential in other areas as time moves. I've owned or currently own a number of audio products through the years, but have become all but obsessed with finding the perfect combinations and really with experimenting. 

Unique Melody 3DD universal
Beyerdynamic Tesla T1
Philips Fidelio X1
Fiio X5
Apple Ipod 1st gen

Apple Ipod Touch 2nd gen- 16gb
Apple Ipod Classic 7th gen- 160gb
HiFiman HM-601 slim
Centrance HiFi-M8
Fiio E17

Fostex TH-900
Denon D7000
Shure SE846
Grado RS1i
Audeze LCD-X

Arriving Soon
Bottlehead Crack OTL amplifier kit + speedball upgrade
Bottlehead Crackheadphone kit

I have grown a bit more hip to the audiophile lingo but I remain naive overall. If anyone has any recommendations to a relatively new member or if you'd like to chat at all about any of the products I own or have heard, feel free to drop me a PM.  

I will be selling most if not all of the gear you see above as well, so if you hold any interest, get in touch with me.  I will be making posts for them in the VERY near future. 

In conclusion, I guess I really would just like some simple input on any unspoken rules or courtesies I should foremost be aware of.  "We" don't like the D7100's (so hate, much awful), that's about all I know for sure about you guys 0.o



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I see things as quite straightforward here.  Call 'em as you see (or more often hear) them and be prepared to explain why.  Treat others as you would want them to treat you.  There's a great deal of room for personal preferences in much of audio, but on the other hand certain things can be very objective.  Not a surprise really--as this hobby lives where art meets science.

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True enough, my friend. Simple enough forum rules, general conduct really. I see much of the preferential biases even early on with my experience, as you'd expect. Any recommendations on where to hit in the forums for general banter or, even better, upcoming sweet gear?
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That mostly depends on your interests and where you want to take the hobby.  The Equipment Forum provides many options


Or you might want to help others posting in this section of the forum.


Check for an upcoming Head-Fi meet in your area.


Try more than one.

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...and oh yes--the Deals Discussion Thread (deals are generally better than the discussion):



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Haha. Deals are always better. That's what's up. I'm definitely going to be checking that out. I would really, really like to go to a meet-up and try a bunch of different things.  

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