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Headphone Recommendations for ipod Classic & Fiio E12

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I'm looking for some guidance in choosing new headphones for my ipod Classic paired with the Fiio E12, I think I want to go with on ear headphones, but some smaller full size options can't hurt. (I want to use them at home and out and about now and again, so I don't want them to big and bulky if i can help it, plus they need good sound isolation and not to leak much)


I currently have the dreaded & often slated Sony MDR-V150's that after many years have started to fall apart and I'd like to upgrade to some good quality headphones (relative to my current price requirements below). 


Sound wise I like a flat maybe slightly warm sound with capable bass extension, with no harsh treble if thats possible around this price!

With a max budget of around £180 (it can be slightly over If needs must)


My ipod is full of 80's Synthpop and New wave if that helps people get an idea of what I listen to. (Vinyl Rips into Apple Lossless).

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JVC HA-S680 headphones, 42 GBP (+6 GBP for faster shipping).

It will work fine plugged straight into the iPod Classic.


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Im looking for a really good step up in quality compared to my previous headphones, as in the past i have upgraded from a Fiio E5, to a Fiio E17 and now recently upgraded to using the Fiio E12, and Id love some headphones that will compliment that setup and use the power effectively.


(i'm using the Fiio E12 headphone amp as in the EU we have non removable volume cap limit, and you can't hear anything you're listening to when outside, not that I like it loud, but its nice to have the power there when needed, especially in the recordings I listen to with alot of dynamic range and punch, having the volume cap on the ipod classic is not enjoyable at all, and really limits my enjoyment, hence why I use the Fiio). It's not like music now a days that is compressed and limited and always loud.

I have looked at the Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO, ATH-M50, AKG K550, Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, and the Sennheiser Momentum.


The Sennheisers look like they have a nice flat frequency response through the low end hardly any roll off or peaks, compared to some of the above which often seem to spike in certain areas above 0db on the chart or have nasty spikes in the treble range, however I know that listening is really knowing what you like and what you don't but I'm in a minefield of options and not really knowing what good quality headphones sound like and not knowing what to choose, or what sounds good. (If i could go to the store and test them out I would, but theres not anywhere like that around here)


Do you have any opinions on the above headphones, or ones like them that would go well with my current setup of the ipod classic & Fio E12 headphone amp?

(In dollars i'd have around $302) 


I appreciate your help & response to my question! :smile:

I will have a look at the headphones you've linked 

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That E12 will drive any closed headphone you can find in your budget range. So pick the headphone that seems best to you smily_headphones1.gif

For neutral sound, also look into the Soundmagic HP100:
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Thanks for your post :smile:

I had a look at the soundmagic links you gave me, they look like good headphones!

If anyone has any more suggestions, more the merrier, nice to have a look at several options before deciding on one!


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It may sound like a stupid question, but why under 30 impedance? (just curious)

the reason i'm asking about what headphones that pair well with the Fiio, is because I have heard that it gives off hiss with some headphones.

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Originally Posted by T101-08 View Post

It may sound like a stupid question, but why under 30 impedance? (just curious)
the reason i'm asking about what headphones that pair well with the Fiio, is because I have heard that it gives off hiss with some headphones.

Very high sensitivity headphones with impedance below 30hz could be prone to hiss.

You really only need to worry about the potential for that problem with IEMs, and in my experience, 16 or 20 ohm IEMs with well over 110+ db. Full sized headphones won't have this problem--at least I can't think of any off hand that have that kind of impedance and high sensitivity.
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okay, thanks for the information on that, I was never really good at knowing what or why some earphones did that over the years, but at least for right now what id be choosing, it should not be much of a problem.

If anyone has any more headphone recommendations for me, that would be awesome!
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Bump (sorry, but Id like to buy something soon) not sure if i outlined above, but good isolation is something i want, and a neutral sound is preferably wanted, lower price the better 

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I'm listening to my IP Classic/E12 right now! Don't think these are quite what yr looking for but I have UE TF10's & Senn HD600's. Of course with a Fiio L9 cable. Regardless of what you decide, bypassing the IP Classics amp via this cable is essential! Cables can be pricey but the L9 isn't, pretty cheap actually.
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Thanks for your post, I'm using a fiio L9 cable from my classic to the E12 and I agree, it's a better sound than what you get out of the iPod headphone amp!
(I have listed my audio equipment on my profile page for anyone that wants to see)
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I got some Sony ZX300 on ear headphones on sale today for cheap to just experiment and try them out and I have to say coming from the sony mdr-v150s after so many years, I am finding it difficult to cope with the amount of treble these put out. Does anyone have any mods to make these sound warmer?

Compared to the mdr -v150 the chamber the driver sits in on the ZX300 seems bigger, and I was thinking maybe that's why they are more bright?
I was thinking of packing the chambers if empty, with cotton wool or something? Would that make a difference? (I'm thinking of trying it at some point & I will report back if anyone is interested)
The drivers are apparently the same as the mdr-v150

Any ideas to see if I can improve these would be awesome!

If not I'll just buy something better, but it's fun to experiment tongue_smile.gif

Update Edit:
I have experimented with cotton wool, inside the cup and without, and to me it doesn't seem to make much of a noticeable difference to me in my minimal tests.
Where it does make a difference, is putting the cotton wool around the edges under the donut cushions, the bass, and treble are much much more controlled, and more focused.
much nicer sound!

Another Update:
Since buying and experimenting with the Sony ZX300, I have since bought some Koss Porta Pro's and after listening to the 3 (MDR-V150, ZX300, & Koss Porta Pro's)
I have come to the conclusion that, after so many years of loving the sound of the MDR-V150's that they are very muffled and dark sounding.
The ZX300's have a weird treble high / mid hump and no real impact, shame really, I rather liked the design.
Last but not least the Porta pro's have a warm sound similar to what I loved of the MDR-V150, but unlike the MDR-V150
the porta pro's are very natural sounding and despite their small size and thin cable, they sound amazing and I haven't been able to take them off!
Truly Impressed with these headphones! The sound is of a warm signature & bass has a nice punch to it, yet the whole spectrum seems very clean and clear without any harsh treble.
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Please can my posts and account be deleted please, I don't want to litter the server with an account I probably won't use again, many thanks to everyone that helped with their suggestions :)

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THE ZX 300 is also... very Dark and warm sounding, if your still interested in a headphone you can try the Logitech UE 6000 or K550 

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