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Hi there guys,

My brother came to me asking for some suggestions for IEMs.
I've been out of the IEM market for quite a few years now and since then, it looks like a lot of new players have cropped up.
I hope you guys might be able to offer some suggestions (and which brands to steer clear of).



Here's the criteria:



He wants true-in-ear-canal monitors.

I'm not sure how to describe this properly, but he wants them deep-seated, not the silicone single-flange that you find on lower end earbuds.
- Blocking out noise from power tools (for doing home renos).
- Blocking out noise from airplanes.  He doesn't travel that much, but it's nice to have.



- This is so he can get custom tips made.  If his hands are dirty or grimey, he doesn't want to have to squish foam tips to insert them.
- I have had 2 sets of custom tips, 1 pair acrylic and 1 pair silicone (which cracked).  He likes the idea of not having to touch the tips.




- Let's call it sub $150?  He's budgeting about $80-90 for the custom tips.

Cheap as he won't be doing any serious listening on.  He's more a speaker guy anyways.

He's pretty careful, so he's not going to damage them, but cheap enough that he won't cry if he gets a bit of dust or paint on the cable.




- Replaceable - Would be nice.




My first thought was to the entry level Shure SE215, but from what I remember, Shure is a tad overpriced for you get.

Any other suggestions?