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hi all,


i am in a bit of a personal quandry and contemplating changing my dap - whilst I can still return it


I currently have a fiio x3 and used with dunu dn1000 - whilst this combo is very good, i firmly think there is better out there and my search for the "perfect" dap may continue


my needs...


1) something with at least 64gb or expandable memory

2) flac playback ability

3) gapless is an absolute must

4) good / reasonable battery life (circa 12 hours + would be ideal)

5) decent & reasonably quick UI

6) not needing an amp to sound its best

7) folder support




1) internet / wifi

2) ability to stream from NAS


i understand the sony players fit the "bonus" elements


I have had an f886 (uk model) and felt it HAD to have an amp to sound good - i'm guessing a Jap 887 would rememdy this and I get the "bonus" options + a great UI (android etc)


My other considerations are the fiio x5 or the ibasso dx90


All of the above (as far as I am aware fit all the needs section)


Price isn't really an issue & if I opted for the ibasso or fiio, would my current micro sd card just drop straight in and be able to be read by updating library etc?


Having read the forums each have their merits and their "problems"


Any suggestions?


I prefer a warmish sig & listen to music from late 80's to present day - mostly dance / electronic etc but also other artists and bands