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questions about beyerdynamic customer service for T1s

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For a long time now I have been considering replaceing my HE-500s with a different pair of headphones.  Nothing is wrong with the HE-500s in terms of SQ, I am just HUGELY disapoionted in the cable it keeps breaking! Because Hi-Fi man uses custome conectors THAT BREAK SUPER EASY on the headphones I consquently have to buy the cable that ONLY Hi-Fi man sells because there is not a cheaper option and I have replaced it at my expense several times now at $60-100 per. 


The customer service Hi-Fi man offers is fantasticly bad. They want me to pay to ship them back the cable...........  On top of that the process for them to send me a cable under warranty is long and its none US based.  So in the end I give up and just order one from there store.  Nothing wrong with how the Headphones sound, when I actualy have a cable that works.  At this point as much as I love the head-phones I need to sell them, and buy a headphone that does not require such high maitance to keep in working order.  I have spent almost as much money on replacement cables at this point as I did the headphones, I am a college student I can't afford to do that and I have only had them less then two years. Beyond this I havent been able to use them half the time because of the cable issue. All things considered its time to sell.  


Currently my short list of headphones are the T1 and the HD 700s, I know sennhiser is good because I used to have HD 650s that they replaced the cable for free almost 2 years after I bought the headphones from amazon. On top of that its only $25 for a new cable if I did end up breaking it outside of warranty period. I can live with that. 


However, I have no experience with beyerdynamic and I know the T1 cable is none user replaceable so I am worried about this.  Does anyone have expeirance with beyerdynamic and know how long I should expect the cable to last and how friendly they are when it comes to replaceing it under warranty and what an out of warrenty repair would run me down the line?


My goal for headphones is to have one pair that not only sounds as good or better then the HE-500s but to also have ones that I can use for years to come and afford to maintian them and hopefully pass them on to my kids. 





PS if you want to give your oppion on which one has better SQ when it comes to Rock and metal music feel free to!

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I can't attest to beyerdynamic's customer service, but I know that there are many options available to you with cabling. My T1 came to me with  a BTG recable, but I had some issues and contacted another company about recabling before I solved the issue myself. Although I don't know much in the way of beyer's dealings with customers, I just know that there are many helpful people out there with many different companies that would more than likely be able to provide a re-cable if necessary.  As for price, I would hope that beyer would replace it, but I'm not sure. Just be careful with it and you don't ever have to find out haha

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