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Originally Posted by krismusic View Post

This is based on my experience. Having recently bought a pair of JH13fp. CIEM's.

If you are reading this, the likelihood is that you were not able to do a bit of research on the internet, buy a pair of headphones and go of to happily listen to your music.

Instead, like me, you probably bought a pair of headphones that you thought were very expensive and were surprised to find that they did not sound marvellous. Good yes but there was something... Missing.


-"First off, I am going to reiterate a point which I have made in several other articles since many of our readers are not familiar with the audiophile world when it comes to sound quality. With high end audio equipment, the value per dollar greatly decreases as you go up the cost ladder. For example, a piece of audio equipment that costs twice as much may only sound slightly better. But this is what the audiophile world is all about. People spend big bucks on audio equipment to get ultimately great sound rather than spend less and maybe settle for only great sound. And remember, good sound quality is a very personal thing. If it sounds good to you, you have accomplished your goal, (but to be on the safe side, you might just consider avoiding listening to someone else’s audiophile setup)."

- "...I've learned that once you get up to a certain level in the audiophile headphone world, one headphone is not necessarily better than another"....

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It's all relative and differences become smaller as costs increase but for me, the JH13fps were worth it. They have a touch more bass than I care for but other than that are hard to fault. They get in the way of the music less than any of the others that I've had. Sweet spot earphones are things like the JH5 or Noble 4. That $300 - $500 range but I still clearly prefer what I have to those. I think something like a Etymotic HF5 is a tremendous value if you can live with the fit and sig.

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I've lurked here for years reading reviews, comments, etc...but I've only recently registered....


I started with the cheap ear buds   Creative, V-moda vibes, etc.. I move up the price range slightly and tried the Klipch S4 & S4i's.. The sound was okay on the S4, but I hated the fit in my ears. It didn't matter what tips I tried on them, I had to remove them within 30 minutes.


Then I researched some more and I bought the Westone UM1... they fit great. They sounded good but okay.


Continued to read the raves on headfi, earphonesolutions and other web sites about how the UM2 would sound much better than my UM1's.


So I went ahead and bought the UM2 and loved them.  They did sound a lot better!!


I was then tempted by the UM3 reviews, scraped and saved my $$ & finally bought them. After a good trial, I couldn't hear any difference between my UM2 and UM3's. So I sold the UM3's.


The Westone UM2 still fit my musical and hearing needs perfectly.  They have taken a beating and still work great!


I just recently started to worry about what I'd do if they ever died on me.. so now I'm scouring "evil-bay" for a back-up pair of UM2 or the new variants.





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