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Want to upgrade from Shure 535

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I would like a full-size set of cans that would be an upgrade from my Shure 535.

When I say upgrade, really the only thing I don't like about the Shure 535 is the lack of low, visceral bass.


So, I would like something that retains all the positives of the Shure, plus adds the benefits of full-sized cans vs IEM, plus produces wonderful, low-end bass (not mid-bass).


Current setup is JRiver PCM-to-DSD realtime conversion -> Herus DAC -> Shure 535

I do have a separate amp (iFi iCAN, not the nano) on the way, which should arrive tomorrow actually, so I can probably power just about anything available?


Budget isn't a huge constraint, but if suggestions are 1000+, I think I would rather go the custom IEM route, in which case, suggestions on those are welcome as well.

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After doing some reading the last few hours, some possibilities have emerged:

Ultrasone Pro 900


Senn Momentum

Alpha Dogs


Some other info if it helps.  I plan on keeping the Shure 535, so this is not as a replacement, but I want something for when I am working at my desk. I have had the 535 for some time, but just recently invested in the JRiver software, Herus DAC, and iFi iCAN because I now work at home.


I listen to mostly breakcore (Venetian Snares), jungle (before it was static and boring DNB), trance, ambient, dubstep, and some DNB. This is why bass is important.  

I also love some jazz, some classical (think Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2, Tchaikovsky, Chopin), Hearts of Space selections, Kitaro, and other music with real instruments.


Thanks for any feedback!

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Errr.... nobody?

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Does open or closed matter? For open you could look at some he400s, he500s, or lcd 2, they all have an amazing low end. and planar bass is awesome. As for closed you could look for some old denons like the d2000 or d5000. 

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Thanks for the suggestion.
Can you explain a little more what you mean by planar bass is awesome?
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ie800, just went from se535 LTD-J to ie800 and the difference is astounding. I really like the se535`s but the bass is definitely lacking, my eyes were opened by the dynamic fx800`s which had such slamming bass from that 10mm dynamic driver and details the 535`s could only glimpse, but poor isolation meant those details were soon lost to the drone of cars and the idle chatter of public transport. Dynamic drivers have such an addictive sound, the bass moves air, acoustics sound so much better and they have much more realistic decay making the sound much smoother. The ie800`s are a cut above anything really, the sound rivals many customs, the mid bass is toned down a lot from the FX800`s which were admittedly a bit boomy but still more present than the se535`s, a good amount, and sub bass is magnitudes better. Mids are actually better albeit not as forward with much more details and highs better yet, with nice sparkle and microdetailing. There is absolutely no hiss which is amazing considering their low impedance and high sensitivity which contributes to the clarity as i found my 535`s skipped some details due to hiss and lack of sub bass. But the best thing is the soundstage, its remarkably open, combined with the super comfy fit and lightweight, they disappear in the ear and seem as if the music is coming from all around you, soundstage is actually better than my sennheiser on ear headphones. They are technically $1000 iems but can be had for closer to $500 now which is a steal as they are much better than my previous pfe232`s which are said to be one of the best iems and rrp for $600.

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