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For Sale:
Cool Components CP-CC-FL Fully Loaded 8 Fan Cooling System. As New

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up For sale is the top of the line Cool Components CP-CC-FL 8 Fan Cooling System.

4 Fans are used for Cooling and 4 Exhaust fans to blow the air out of the front of the CP-CC-FL.


This unit has been used for 15 minutes and comes with power supply, rack ears and rubber feet.
I bought 2 and ended up only needing 1, they cool THAT good.


New this one retails for $315, this one is only $175,


Shipping is $15 to anywhere in the USA.

Paypal adds 3% to cover the fees.


I will ship it to anywhere in the world, shipping will be calculated exact to your location by USPS Priority Mail.

When shipping international I am not responsible for any loss/damage during shipping and any customs fees/charges/duties/taxes.



Here is some nice info about the Cool Components cooling fans:


Cool Components 4 Fan Component Cooling System to keep your audio gear cool and run at an optimal temperature.


How to choose the best fan system for Hi-Fi applications ?


Only 3 things matter

1. Performance in CFM

2. DB rating. Our Fans are the quietest on the market for the CFM they produce

3. Configuration


- The base unit and the stand alone units come in many sizes. The 60 CFM stand alone fans are the loudest but come with an adjustable powersupply to lower the CFM and DB rating if and when needed.

Due to the heavy duty construction, heavy amplifiers and receivers can be placed directly on top of these units or you can stack them between components.

These units feature top-quality 92mm levitation fans and blowers that are mounted using a special vibration damping system which eliminates noise caused by fan vibration and also facilitates easily changing the direction of the airflow.

The units operate on DC voltage and by adjusting the voltage, the unit can be run quietly or more aggressively, depending on the application.

These units are ideal for directly cooling amplifiers and receivers installed in cabinetry or rack systems.

All versions come with rack mounting hardware as well as rubber feet for stacking applications.


The CP-CC-FL version is more aggressive than other full sized units and, as with the other versions, the fans are easily reversed which separates them from the others.This way you can very aggressively move air upwards or downwards which means that whether you set a component on top of this cooler, or the cooler on top of the component, you can easily direct air away from the component.



• Cooling component

• Color: Black

• Includes 4 - 92mm fans and 4 exhaust fans

• For cooling in racks or stacking between components

• Usually used with high powered amplifiers, receivers, to vent or cool entire systems

• Includes power supply

• Does not include RF1BLK face plate

• Draws air from the bottom of the unit and exhaust through the top, or vice versa, or exhaust through the front.

• Engineered to quietly & aggressively cool full sized components - large amps, receivers, etc.

• Universal applications: Rack mountable or stack between components (rack mount ears included)

• Compact: Less then 2" Height and only 1 rack unit (1RU)

• Utilizes specially manufactured 92mm levitation (Brushless & Vapo Bearings) fans for longer life (Estimated 50,000 hours)

• Fans mounted using dpecialty mounting system to absorb fan vibration for quieter operation

• Fans easily reversible for directing air upward or downward depending on the application

• Uses variable voltage power supply to adjust fan speed and compatible with temperature

• Controllers - TC-BSC, TC-ALT and TC-AC (Note: TC-AC is not recommended for the CP-CC-FL)



• Dimensions: o Without Feet: 1.7" H x 17" W x 13.4" D (4cm H x 43cm W x 34cm D) o With Feet: 2.25" H x 17" W x 13.4" D (6.7cm H x 43cm W x 34cm D)

• Construction: Heavy gauge steel (painted black)

• Cooling System: Brushless 92mm magnetic levitation fans (Est. 60,000 hrs.)

• Air Flow: ~65-130CFM / ~120-260CFM / ~120-260CFM / ~135-278CFM


Power Specifications:

• Noise: Dependent on settings (Can be run quietly)

• Power Connection: 2.1mm Coax Connector w/ 2-Pin FastWire System (Ensure proper polarity)

• Voltage: 7 to 9V DC for normal operation or 9 to 12V for more aggressive cooling

• Current: 400mA / 800mA / 960mA at 12V DC

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