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The hunt for an MP3 Player

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Hello there! For the past few months I've been on the hunt for something to play my music with as I own a Nexus smartphone (no SD card slot) and plan to keep it that way. Below I'll be listing my recent experience with a player and what I'll be looking for. This player will be for everyday use and sitting in a pocket doing things such as yard work. It only needs to play music. Nothing else. Rockboxing capability isn't necessary as long as the UI on the player is fine.


The Clip Sport incident is something that recently happened to me. A ways back I was the proud owner of a Sansa c200 and therefore had some credibility in Sandisk. This was a HUGE mistake. The following is what made me return the DAP and therefore will hopefully show you what I don't need.


- The build quality was terrible. The battery jiggled freely inside the case and the buttons shifted around a little

- Easy to press buttons with no lock switch

- Very Laggy and slow

- Bad screen (my fault for not thinking it mattered) but it decided that there was a character limit to song titles. Good fight Pink Floyd.

- Refused to read track order and instead helpfully listed everything in alphabetical order

- Merged multiple CD albums into one big old unsorted mess


The less I spend the better but please don't suggest anything above $150


So now for a few facts about what I need. First off, I live in Canada so I have some access to physical stores that honestly don't stock very much. I'M 110% open to purchasing online as long as shipping costs aren't ridiculous.


I have already purchased a micro SD card so the capacity of the player DOES NOT MATTER as long as there is a slot for the SD card. It needs to have an SD card unless the internal capactity is 32 gigabytes and is cheap as hell.


The battery must last 10 hours or more of playback. 


I am open to any form of navigating the player as long as the controls WORK well.




I'm currently thinking about grabbing myself a Fuze+ as long as you guys can confirm the touch controls aren't crap and that the build quality is better than the Clip Sport.



Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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You said please don't mention anything over $150, but for $199 you'd have an X3 - for what you get for your money, I think this needs consideration!

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