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Hi all,


This isn't exactly headphone related, but I'm sure some of you guys have hifi setups as well, so hopefully someone can answer my question...


I currently live in an older apartment that doesn't have any grounded outlets (even the three pronged outlets we have aren't actually grounded). My fiance finally let me set my hifi gear up in the TV room, and I'm somewhat concerned about the power in the apartment, as I've had one LCD TV mainboard fried when I moved in, and my Marantz 2275's power supply has an issue after I plugged it in when setting it up over the weekend. Both these events could be coincidental, but I'd like to avoid taking any chances. I also have a Luxman PD-282 w/ a grado blue cartridge that I would really like to protect.


So, I'm looking for advice on a way to protect my gear from surges, spikes, and brown outs, operating under the constraint that I don't have a ground. Let's assume for a moment that I can't modify a surge protector or other three pronged device to connect to the screw in the metal case of the wall outlet that might be grounded, as I havent tested if that is the case yet.


Thanks, I look forward to hearing your thoughts!