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For Sale:
EarSonics SM3 V1

Will Ship To: United States

Selling the hard to find Earsonics SM3 V1.

I have owned these for a couple years now, which is a testament to their sound quality, as I usually turn over head phones every few months.

They will arrive with the Original case and a set of Klipsch dual flange tips (very comfortable and the best seal I could find that fits the small bore).


Selling for the same price they were bought, 215$ free ship.


Would consider the following trades:


T-Peos h-300 (plus cash from me)

Dunu DN-2000 (plus cash from me)



Price Drop, 205$ shipped, Paypal only with Fees


5/29/14 Nice! Found the Original Box, set of single flange small, and large, set of very long comply tips and a large double flange. Much more complete sale now!


6/3/14 Price Drop. $200


Final Price Drop $190

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