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Somehow I cannot post my review on product page so I will just post it here.



Star: 3/5


Pros: Big soundstage, good for monitoring            

Cons: But not good for music listening. Very hard to drive. Phones for pros, not for audiophiles.



The reason I say that K812 is not good for audiophiles is because K812 seems to has its "special" way in presenting music: K812 tends to confine every piece of music in a certain room with a stress of bass. This is good because that will ensure you hear something familiar every time you use K812. The strong signature is definitely for pros who do not want to waste time getting familiar with a headphone again and again.  But for those who are not basshead or those who want to hear "music free in style", this strong signature is a big big big problem. 


The sound is a bit dark, detailed but no way balanced. To much bass; imaging is good in a bad way (Clear, wonderful imaging, you can see everything but the singer seems to be in an awkward position: behind/is the drumer:confused_face_2:) ; treble harsh like hell if you don't drive it properly; sounds depressing as if  I was listening via closeback phones



Bottom line:  Remember these are monitor headphones. Don't waste you time if you are not a pro. 


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