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I am pretty fresh to Head-Fi, have been lurking for a good long while now, but it's good to get amongst some of the ongoing conversations.


HeadFi appears to have a large focus on high end, high quality audio with high end gear, and logically so. 


I am wondering if much consideration is payed to the visual experience of listening to music as opposed to just the auditory experience. I have a visual communication/design background which gives a bit of an idea as to my angle.


The Zune as an example, might be considered a commercial failure, but the hardware itself has a certain type of translucent, soft edged boldness that was a pleasure to hold. The User interface, though a skin over portable media centre, in combination with the second version of the Zune PC software had a visually exciting User interface that made music a visual experience. Beats Music, one of the freshest entries to the market has a very strong visual language with an intriguing User Interface, in terms of playlist generation. 


Zune went on to add Mix View, Artist DJ, artist images, bios, related content discovery and a social aspect. Others such as Rdio, JBHIFI NOW (Australia) and Spotify have again expanded on the idea of social music and content discovery.


Subscription services from all over the place (Sony, Google, Microsoft, Rhapsody etc.), further enable exploratory music listening habits. One no longer has to be selective about their music collection, but can freely go through masses of content accessible anywhere at any time. 


My service of choice is Xbox Music (Zune Marketplace when i joined), not because of good availability across platforms which has recently been filled out, the large library or cheapish price, but for the immersive visual experience that encouraged content discovery and promises of social a la xbox live community (Microsoft has worked hard over the last couple years to destroy much of what made Zune brilliant). 



Empirical Music Experience values:


1. Visual Experience

2. Content Discovery

3. Social 

4. Subscription - as a catalyst for discovery



Thoughts regarding music as a visual and tactile experience?

surely music is more than just the best quality files, and hardware you can get your hands on. 


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