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Hey guys,


I have a GO DAP X portable headphone DAC, which I have enjoyed greatly the past 6 months. It allows me to use it with a PC and also my Ipod. 

Anyways, recently I get a very annoying number of audio "clicks and pops" when listening through the DAC, but only when it's connected with my IPOD. With USB use, no audio pops. 


I can't listen now when connected to my IPOD because the clicks and pops are irritating to my ears, and it can be painful to listen. I've emailed the company about it, and I think it's still in warranty, so hopefully they can fix it.


I'm just wondering if anyone has any idea what this can be coming from, and if there is anything I might be able to try to fix the problem. Venturecraft is from Japan, so I'd need to send it all the way over there to get it looked at, which would be a pain. Any ideas on what this could be?


Thanks in advance!

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