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CIEM or... Rockit R50

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Hello All,


Just quick question - I'm wondering about buying new IEM and I'm week ago i decide to spend 250-350 $ for a new headphones and source for them but after reading a lot of threads i decide to spend much more money in that case so from my point for 99% i will buy iBasso DX50 or Fiio X3 and right now I'm looking for some IEMs or CIEMs up to 350-400$ I almost decide to buy Custom Art Music One but i don't have any occasion to listen this armatures so my question is - which headphones will be the best for me (i know... there's no such a thing like this) to buy some without listen (unfortunately I'm living in London and 99% of the people here listen on perfect white iphone headphones). Mostly for 40% of my time i listen ambient, the same for RAP and 20% for EVERYTHING... before i had many many headphones from Brainwavz R1, Nuforce 700, sennheiser 300, 350, 400.


Please HELP :)



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At that price point, I would suggest going for universals, and not customs. But it depends on you really, do you need really good isolation or comfort? If so, then go for the customs. If not, I don't see why you should spend slightly more for molding services.

IE80, H3, UE900 are easily lovable.
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Cool, thank You for respond - I'm just wondering about difference for example between UE900 and rockit... the difference it's really worth of the money ?

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unfortunately I'm living in London


We can afford to chuckle, out here in the provinces! ;)


From what you've said, I'm guessing that isolation will be a top priority along with a good level of bass - try the Earsonics SM1 which is a good all-rounder with balanced armatures (better detail, generally speaking) or the Shure SE315 which is dynamic (warmer and smoother).

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Originally Posted by SteveHiFi View Post


We can afford to chuckle, out here in the provinces! ;)


The thing is here there isn't a lot of shops with PRO IEM's and they not allowed You to listen a couple of them before buying... 


About my last iems - i'm not basshead and comfort also is not very important... I'm reading about UE900 right now.

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The problem with demoing IEMs is that a lot of the packaging gets ruined and it doesn't pay store owners to offer this service.


We can perhaps help if you can get down to us (we're near Worthing). We're in the same situation regarding new unopened products but we have a fair amount of opened items which might give you an idea of what's available, such as the Westone UM2 or Shure SE315.


Just try 'Clearance & Sale/Warehouse deals' on the site to have a look.

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You think that this two iem which you mentioned about can be compared to UE900 ?  

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I'd hesitate before saying that! I've not tried the UE900 - looking around, they're getting a lot of praise!


I was only responding to your comments on demos, these are a couple of likely IEMs which you can try here just now, that's all.

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Sure thanks a lot ! Anyway I hate choosing any IEM... too many option...

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so maybe this one:

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You wouldn't be the only one to settle on those today, they seem very capable though I haven't tried them myself.

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I personally love the UE900, and might be a little bias with my opinions, but compared with the SE315 and Westone, I think the UE wins. I have never really like Shure iems due to their less sparkly trebles, which the UE900 has. But UE900 has an overall much more immersive soundstage, which even the SE535 has trouble comparing against.

Though if you look at it, the UE900 is slightly pricier. As for the GR07 bass edition, it's really good for its price, and probably some above it, but since you're willing to spend $350, you could go better.
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