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Greetings earthlings,

I was buying a soundcard for my friend, who wanted a Creative Audigy 2 ZS.

Under his permission, I installed the card on my PC, and I found it make my high bitrate mp3s flacs etc sound miraculously like cds from the low sound floor and the detail. (but with thin bass and too much highs, maybe my "speaker settings" were wrong)....but I BELIEVED that the E-MU on its way to my home would do better, so I didnt really care .

But one thing I found very nice about the Audigy 2, and that was it could play DVD-A....I tried Creative's DVD sampler and it blew my mind! So now I know that the E-MU can't play SACDs (I bought 2 hybrids in HMV on sale, a huge CD store, for about the price of normal CDs: coz CDs here are usually the price of SACDs in America....lol)

But could it play DVD-A like Audigy can? Or is the DVD-A software only for Audigy and not for E-MU's 1212m? Dang.
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youll need WinDVD Platinum with audio booster pack to play dvd-a ...even then it wont go higher than 24bit 96khz ... i believe is the limit, which is still sounds way better than cd imho.
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Has WinDVD confirmed it works on non-Audigy2 soundcards? And I mean at high res. The question is what happens with 192khz stereo discs.
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yeah it works with my maudio revo just fine ... i think i told you last time about it lan, with a 192khz disc like that sinatra sands or REM best of... itll downsample it to 96khz.
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So hopefully then we'll be able to run Jasper994's DVD-A's through the EMU(s) at the so-cal meet
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Unless there is a way to rip and compress (lossless) DVD-A, it won't be any more convenient than a standalone player.

Interesting, though....

BTW, Audigy 2 does not output digital through SPDIF for DVD-A, in order to play nice with the RIAA.

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Just because it plays isn't really indicative of what's actually playing

I'll have to do an analysis of the output but I'm not going to pay for the program just to do this test.

The problem with using WinDVD again is that it'll still go through kmixer so you'll have bits mixing. And if 192 is going to be converted to 96khz, that's more bits changing. Not exactly clean output.
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I would agree with lan, it's not likely you'll get the best output with WinDVD. Hell I can't even get WinDVD to output 24/96 stereo to the E-MU.

What I'm considering though is using the inputs on the E-MU to record some DVD-A's. Unfortunately though, the DVD-A player I have is not the best in the world, so it's going to limit the quality. Unless of course somebody that'll be at the meet is going to be bringing a nice DVD-A or SACD player, then we can give it a shot.
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there is always a possibility of riping of the I2S stream going to the DAC chip in some standalone DVD-A player, pretty simple though.. and those players are running very low these days, one can buy one just to be a 'DVD-A riper' all you need is non-one-chip solution player.. and player that pass real data to it's DAC, not attenuated or messed up in DSP
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