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Is this real or fake IE 8

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Hi guys:


First time being on head-fi, I have a quick question and hopefully some of you guys may kindly help me.  I just lost my Westone 4R =(  and now looking for a new IEM.  Saw this on amazon


I just want to make sure it is a real thing, I have heard there are fake ones out there and certainly do not wish to buy something fake for 300 dollars. I know it says its from Sennheiser, but just want to double check with you guys if its real?! Thanks a lot!!

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There is no way to tell unless you have them in your hands - or if the seller sends you pics - but then if they are new, the box is sealed - the good thing is it is through Amazon - so if they are fakes - you are covered. Chances are they are legit - but you never know.

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Woo thanks! I didn't know Amazon covers fake merchandise.
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Should be fake.

New seller, too low of a price, 3rd party seller....

Why go through the hassle?

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Ya I saw that after, probably gonna get the IE 80

This should be real, directly from Amazon I believe.. Right? Lol haha
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Hi guys sorry to bother again.  I saw this on a local craigslist. Selling for 350 CAD (which is decent) and I asked for some picture.  He said its never opened (as you can see the seal.


Thanks a lot guys!

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Both deals seem legit, but better be careful as Sennheiser is the second most counterfeited headphone brand (the first being Beats).

You can find plenty of fake IE80s at those street bazaars in China, along with Momentum and CX series.

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