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For Sale: Lots of Desktop Amps

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For Sale:
Lots of Desktop Amps

Will Ship To: CONUS

LD1+ w/ stock accessories, opamps, and native tubes -- $OLD


- Original packaging, paperwork, and accessories

- Extra jumpers for swapping gain and tube settings

- 2107, 2227, and 627 dual-to-mono opamps


- Matched Yugo HM5 tubes (best bang for your buck tube there is)

- Matched NOS Novosibirsk tubes (better than Voskhods IMO)


- Vector adapter that lets you roll 12AX7 tubes

- NOS GE 5751 tube (12AX7 equiv.)


- 6AK5 to C3g adapter for rolling C3g tubes (endgame sound)

- NOS Siemens C3g tubes


- 8 ft. RCA to 3.5mm cable


Red KICAS with Caliente from Purity Audio -- $OLD


- OEM power adapter included. 


O2/ODAC Combo -- $OLD


- Power supply and USB cable included

- Recently serviced by JDS Labs


Fiio E10 Amp/DAC -- $OLD


- Hard case and rubber feet included

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