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Battery replacement is done by chord dealer - you don't need to send back to chord for that. Also it is ok to plug into charger all the time - although some report suggest linear power supply might still be beneficial despite Hugo being battery powered. The prices of DAP is over the top at the moment, I might just go ipod instead lol! At least the thing works & not insanely priced.

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Recasing the Hugo has been on my mind since the first day I bought it. A more friendly power switch, chassis mounted RCA/BNC connectors for line out/coax in without connector size restrictions, USB b receptor foe hd usb in....


Only thing is I still want it to be portable, so I can only do with about 1" longer and .25" thicker chassis. Thought about milling the chassis out of transparent acrylic with CF sheeting on the back, should look quite awesome...

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I notice that the photo on page 1 shows two 3.75v batteries, for a total of 7.5v. Does this mean that if connecting a linear psu directly, a 9v psu would be appropriate? Also, would it be sufficient to connect the psu to only one of the battery terminals?

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Not every country/city has a Chord dealer nearby that can replace the batteries so being able to use normal, rechargable AA/AAA batteries would be awesome.

For stationary use, why not a docking station with a built in power supply that bypassed the internal batteries to drive the Hugo directly while at the same time charging the batteries?

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I am sure that the hugo will perform way better with high current batteries with higher capacity. The hugo timing is really NOT rocksolid with the stock batteries. But how can I open the enclosure without damaging it?

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I have started a Chord Hugo Tuning Thread about new more powerful low resistance batteries and cables:


Chord Hugo Tuning Thread (Batteries, LPSU, Cables)

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Originally Posted by audionewbi View Post

Carbon fiber casing is great idea but i don't know of its heating/ cooling properties.


Not only that, but RF shielding as well.


The OP has removed his post so I'm not sure what his intentions were but it doesn't sound like a good idea.

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