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Thanks Svyr.

Svyr = Would . Not.  Buy. 

Up next I believe DMax99 is receiving our tour H-100 ii unit. Let's see what he thinks! 

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Originally Posted by ostewart View Post

I seem to be the only person with a good experience of the H100 II. I personally really liked them. But as you say mine have the round cable.

Listening to the Dunu DN-2000 atm. My Altone200 should be with me today or tomorrow.

your not completely alone. 


my review of them should get posted tomorrow. 

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So after a few days of demo-ing the unit. I must say that they have a very similar overall sound signature with the hifiman IEMs (RE400 and re0) that I have and loved before I have heard the H300. The overall sound signature is very COLD!

I'm not too sure how similar the BA driver in this unit is compared to the H300 but they do remind me of the clarity and details that is being presented in the H300. However, I think the clarity and details are more dynamic in the H300 than the H100 II.

The bass from the H100 II wasn't too bad but still feels a bit lacking.

The mids/vocal is quite weird, sounds quite recessed and weak. It also has this weird tone to it that is quite hard to describe. It also lacks too much of the warmth I have loved so much from the H300.

So, overall I thought this is quite a good detailed IEM with a very cold signature. Can't wait to listen to the new Alton200 that I've this week!
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The H-100 II is actually a nice IEM, much to my surprise. The bass is nice and tight, having a good bit of punch, the mids are a little weird in the upper region, but it's not too bad, still fine. A tiny bit of sibilance, but that's no big deal and the treble is quite well extended and well tuned. 


Overall, quite a recommended IEM, especially at a low price. The H-100 MK1 truly sucks, but it looks like T-Peos have redeemed themselves with the MK2. The AX35 is its biggest competitor and IMO the H-100 holds up well, but the AX35 still beats it. The remote may be important to some people are if you are one of those people, I say go for it!

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I posted this on  Allan Marcus T-Peos H-150??? thread but seems appropriate to add here as well.



Below is my review of the T-PEOS H-150.  Now, keep in mind I’m completely new to all of this and took a while to figure out the terminology and have a long way to go still.  I’m sure there are better words to describe the sound I’m hearing but this is what I came up with so far.




T-PEOS H-150 Review


T-PEOS is a Korean manufacturer, designing and engineering high quality and premium sounding earphones. The H-150 is T-PEOS first 3way hybrid consisting of 1 balanced armature and 2 dynamic drivers, using a network crossover to effortlessly deliver a fantastic sound that caters to a wide variety of genre; a powerful low-end, rich mids and treble with solid analytical capabilities.


MSRP:         $79 USD {CTCAudio.com}

Driver Units: Balanced Armature & 2 Dynamic Drivers
Impedance:  30 ohm @ 1 kHz
Sensitivity:    105dB @ 1 kHz
Power:          100mW (max)
Frequency:   20 Hz ~ 10 kHz
Connector:    3.5 mm / 4pole 24 K gold plated L-type plug
Cord:             Half flat type rubber cable, 1.2 m / Balanced Y-Type
Weight:         16 g


The H-150 comes in a very simple and basic packaging that is sturdy enough to protect the unit. Inside the box are the most essential in-earphone accessories consisting of a small carrying pouch, clip, 4 pairs of tips (1 foam and 3 silicones), rubber ear guides and an extension cable adapter.



The H-150 housing is quite large and bulky. It is made mostly of plastic and aluminum, and although extremely lightweight, feels sturdy and well-constructed. The housing is configured to hold the 2x 8mm dynamic drivers in parallel at the back, with the balanced armature placed in front. The large circular metal dotted plate on the outer back of the housing is labeled with the L/R marking. The half flat red and black rubber cable feels strong and designed with micro grooves to reduce tangling, and elevate cable noise. The flat cable isn't too wide or narrow yet soft and light with good length between the housing and Y-splitter.  There is also a microphone on the right cable which works really well but lacks any volume/track controls.


Isolation is above average considering the large design. It’s at the level I would call safe for the average commuter since it blocks enough outside noise to really enjoy the music without needing to increase the volume, but lets in enough to be mindful of your surroundings.



None detected when worn over-the-ear but rare with cable down.



Considering the H-150 design, the fit took me completely by surprise. With its lightweight housing, they are one of the most comfortable earphone I've used. They can be used for an extended period without any discomfort or fatigue, especially when worn over-the-ear.






The H-150 dynamic drivers provide plenty of powerful sub-bass in both quantity and quality, with enough rumble and punch to satisfy both Techno-heads and Bass-heads. The sub-bass extends deep with very good details, texture and control, more so than the HiSoundAudio Wooduo 2 and on par with Dunu DN-1000 though these can appear slightly bloat or bassy on certain songs. Decay and attack are very good as well, with slightly less bleed than the DN-1000, adding to the full bodied, warm and rich tone that works well with a variety of genre like Dubstep and Metal. Considering the strong nature of the low-end, it complements the mid-range nicely, making the H-150 appear almost more balanced and refined compared to the HiSoundAudio Wooduo 2 and I preferred them over the Xiaomi Piston 2 as well.  The strong and punchy mid-bass can hit marginally harder than the Dunu DN-1000 but the Piston 2 has the advantage thought it can be a bit too strong.  The bass can be very polite when listening to Goa Trance and deliver doses when the track calls for it, but for something like Dubstep, it can be thunderous with just the right amount of details, control and energy which the Wooduo 2 and Piston 2 seems to lack slightly, not to say they aren't good either.



The mid-range is rich and very smooth with very good details but recessed enough to make it V-shaped. However, while not as transparent as units like the DN-1000 or Steelseries In-Ear Flux, the overall clarity is still very good, enough to prevent it from sounding too dark but may appear somewhat veiled to some. An increase in clarity, and crispness would have made the H-150 shine at the current price. Vocals are well textured but not overly thick, clear and good energy to sound natural.



The upper mid-range and treble may seem distant, appearing recessed or thin but with very good details and extension. Overall it is very smooth and forgiving, with enough energy and crispness to enjoy over extended periods. Very minor sibilance was noted infew songs but not enough to distract or cause concerns.



The soundstage is wide with good imaging and instrument separation, but as previously mentioned, lacks clarity and crispness which the DN-1000 and Piston 2 are better at. Sensitivity is very good, on par with the Piston 2, and easily driven from sources such as a Samsung Galaxy S3 or Apple iPod Touch.






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Nice write-up....and pix.
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Thanks Shawn!

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cool review :gs1000smile:

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Great review @lordsinister! They seem like quite good value for the money.

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Thank you all for reading the review and your comments. Truly appreciated!!!
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Thread Starter 

Thanks for adding that here! I know I started this and I've been very busy with work lately.

I have tried a couple other T-Peos products and add them here when I quit my job lol.

Sigh...Korea and Korean work culture...

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Any word on the amadeus or opera hybrids? Any impressions?
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I tried Amadeus once. It can be called the international version of Black&White, provides exactly same sound-sign.

Big bass, rumble, treble not so extended, mid smooth but still bright due to BA driver, sound-stage big.

Build quality is little tougher than B&W. Feel little more comfortable in your ears.  

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I've been enjoying my TTPOD T1E Crystal for the past month and prefer it to the H-150. The low-end of the T1E is not as massive as H-150 but tighter and controlled, and more balanced with the rest of the frequence. It also highlights the recession and darkness of the H-150 in comparison, making the T1E much more enjoyable when listening to different genres.

I even find myself reaching for the T1E everytime over my Altone200 as I enjoy the presentation and more full-bodied sound, which sort of makes up for the slight lack of sound quality in comparison to the Altone200.
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If anyone is interested in joining Allan Marcus and CTC Audio tour of the T-Peos H-150, please contact him as it's posted on http://www.head-fi.org/t/734179/t-peos-h-150#post_11108187.

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