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Bada ph-12

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New here :)


Have a bada ph-12 that plays really nice with my AKG k-702 , warm detailed sound, like it a lot.


But it gets so warm... is that a problem? i mean how many hours can one listen before it gets dangerously warm?


Also first time i turned it on, got warm and smells a bit like glue?! what is this??  it does play really nice but i wonder about this heat issue.


my headphone has an impedance of 62 ohms , should i then use the high or low setting in the amp?? guess low right?


thanks a lot,

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so, no one experienced with this amp? it sure gets warm but it sounds beautifully nice...

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They reviewed here on Head-Fi 8 years ago...
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The Bada PH-12 has an internal fan built in.  Theoretically, the fan should kick on when the temperature gets hot enough to damage the internals.  Your fan may not be operating properly.

To be honest, I [and several other Bada users] found the little internal fan pretty useless.  Instead, I bought a quiet 6" desk fan for constant cooling of the unit. Just aim the fan directly at the amp from the front [or rear] and make sure there is good flow around the unit.

My Bada--extensively improved by Fitz--is still going strong,  It was a very good match for my K701 [when I owned them years ago], but it is now proving a superb match for my AKG K812.

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