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Sennheiser HD 600 problem

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Hello everyone!  i spent a while looking for information but i have not found any help on what to do, one thin wire from the driver of my headphone came off and i have no idea how to fix it, are there any tutorials anywhere that might help me? im from Chile so its really expensive for me to send it to Sennheiser to get it fixed and there doesnt seem to be anyone capable enaugh over here to fix them.


Any advice would be appreciated!



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Did the wire break off?... and theres still a little piece remaining down inside the spring/collar area?  or did it just "slip out" and remain completely intact?


There are old thread posts out there on HF... you'll have to search for it.  IIRC is not the easiest thing to repair.


Good Luck!!

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hey kramer thanks for your reply, it just slipped out it didnt break!

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Tin the wire then solder it to the golden post that it used to be connected to.  Pretty easy.

There are videos on youtube on proper soldering and all to help you know how to do it.


Do the following after watching some videos, getting all necessary tools and materials, and practicing on some spare cables:


Add solder to the solder iron's tip, enough to submerge the end of the wire (a couple of millimeters) in solder and it will be tinned in a moment.  You can double check that you tinned it with a magnifying glass.  Tin a bit of the golden post then connect the wire to the tinned part of the golden post to create the new connection.

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thanks a lot! i will try it one of these days.

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