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For Sale: Mr. Speakers Alpha Dogs 1/4 cable

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For Sale:
Mr. Speakers Alpha Dogs 1/4 cable

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I've got a set of Alpha Dogs ( RED ) 1/4 cable, with about 5 hours on them. The headband does not work for me at all ( I have a giant head and can't get them to fit properly ) and I just got a good deal on a set of Fostex TH-900's, so the Alphas have to go.


They are in 100% perfect shape. I have the email proving that they shipped less than 2 weeks ago to the buyer for proof.


I'd like to sell these to someone in Canada as by the time I paid the $100 in taxes, $35 shipping and exchange on our crappy dollar ( $52 extra over the $599) Someone in Canada could save $180 and get a great set of phones. but will ship to anywhere.


Price is $600 CDN + split shipping or $550 US + split shipping. 


I could take pics if wanted but they are brand new, same as you'd get straight from Mr.Speakers.

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