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For Sale: Fiio Dac/Amps for sale

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For Sale:
Fiio Dac/Amps for sale

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I recently traded my fiio e10 and my fiio e11 with a member here. My friend has given me his fiio e11, his fiio 10 dac and his fiio e12 for me to help get rid of for him. The prices for each item are listed below..


fiio e10- 100 

fiio e11- 45 

fiio e12- 90 (sold)


These prices are negotiable. Please message me if interested, and as mentioned, if you have any offers on any of the devices. If you wish to buy all of them we can come up with some packaged price. My friend wants to get rid of them as quickly as possible so I'm sure he'll take any SERIOUS offers into consideration. Message me for pictures too.


Thanks guys. Have a great week. 


PS. prices do not include shipping. Paypal is preferred method for payment. 





every things been sold

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The e12 is 10-20$ overpriced. I can buy a new one for 20$ more... But that's what negotiation is for. smily_headphones1.gif I wish I had the money for the e12. Would be a solid upgrade from my e11. I'll see if any of my friends at school would want to buy one from you.
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As a head's up to everyone out there, I am the member mentioned in Melvin's add. We did a trade and I sent Melvin my end over two weeks ago but have yet to receive the e10 and e11. Melvin seems nice and he had explanations on why it has taken this long. I will again reply to this add when I receive the package, otherwise I would be cautious.
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Oh ok. That's a little sketchy. I'll hold off on telling my friends until I know for shure he's legit.
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