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Suggestion for tube or tube/hybrid headphone amp

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Hi ! my friend  is planning to buy tube or tube/hybrid headphone amps for his ATH WS-77. He usually listen soprano metal and classical music. He is kind of more favour to bass. Any suggestion ?


His budget is around USD 100-150.

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are u listening from your lappy? u have a DAC? 

the WS77 is easily powered, a DAC would add to your enjoyment with increased clarity, (if budget is of concern.)


Has any tube amp struck your fancy? 

I reckon all the tube amps i have used would suffice...

EF5, LittleDot Mk3...LYR, LittleDOt Mk4se, Darkvoice336SE

all should work.


 Then roll in some tubes n have FUN !!!

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He dont have DAC. He usually listen music from laptop (just a common one without proper equalized) or Samsung note 10 with player pro equalized. 


Since he is new to tube amplifier, following link give him some knowledge. 



so yeah, those thing you mentioned will give him some lights. 

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Bump ! for more suggestion. 

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bump, or any other suitable amp, amp+dac will do too

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See if he can get the Audio Quest Dragon Fly to start with, it will make a huge difference since it is a DAC and headphone amp although solid state.

Until he has a decent DAC the amp no matter how good is not going to make enough of a difference.

Then he can check out a decent tube amp and a DAC either built in like the Woo Wa 7p or other more expensive gear, some as separate DAC and amp or combined.

The top of the food chain prices such as the dCS Vivaldi DAC/amp can make your eyes water but if he needs status that is a good place to start...

I have a Micromega MyDAC which is a big improvement over just the the computer output and works well with many different kinds of amps, both tube and solid state.

Price tolerance will determine how much panache he can afford.

There are tube amps available from about US $300.00 on up to "Oh my G-d, it costs how much.".

I have a Woo Wa 7 that works really well with my PSB M4U 2's and Audeze LD-XC's...this is what my ears like not anyone else's.


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He narrow down his research to following three.  Qinpu A3, HIFI MAN EF2A or Aune T1. Can they be ok with Audio Technica ATH WS 77 ?


thanks for suggestion , gulf1263. I will tell him to go DAC 1st then go for good DAC/amp combo later.

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