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need Headphones Brand

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I have this excelents Headphones but i don´t know the brand, does someone know ? the fq response is almost flat and they have a kind of red plastic inside.







miguel from argentina

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Nice ones!  I will repost your pictures if you want me to delete them let me know.






Yes these are most likely Philips N 6330, but manufactured for Philips by AKG so these are basically AKG K240 Sextetts ( or AKG 241 ??) in a slightly different housing. Very nice score there!


Hard to drive they should be 600 ohms.



top right corner #6



I think Uher made some shells similar, but these I bet are the Philips ones you posted. They have a main speaker driver in the middle and 6 ( or 8 I forget ) passive round radiator holes around the outside of that. These act to tune the headphone.


Anyhow if you search in here for Philips N6330 or N 6330 something should show up.


Thanks for posting and welcome to head-fi. Be very careful in here, and " sorry about your wallet " as the standard greeting goes.

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