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Hi all Head Fi friends

I want share the latest AK DAP at Fujiya Aic Headphone show 2014:

AK 100 II
AK 120 II

please read below for more information :

<< 春のヘッドフォン祭2014の私的みどころ | TOP
Astell&Kern、独ハイエンドショウで新型DAP AK120IIとAK100IIを発表へ

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<< Private attractions of 2014 headphone festival of spring | TOP
May 11, 2014
To announce the AK100II With the new DAP AK120II Astell & Kern, in the German high-end show
I will announce the AK120II and AK100II DAP is a new type of high-end show of Germany Munich Astell & Kern will be held from 5/15. For more information at a later date. Please have attention to the information.
The larger is AK120II in the image. (AK240 in the image is the current products for size comparison)

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