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For Sale:
Schiit Lyr + lots of tubes!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Schiit Lyr + lots of tubes! - $449

- Original box/packaging

- 1 pair tube socket savers

- Comes with the following tubes (all tubes are in great condition):

- 2 pairs Amperex Orange Globes 6DJ8 (rare!)

- 2 pairs National Matsu 6922 
- 1 pair Russian 6N1P (From Schiit)
- 1 pair JJ E88CC (From Schiit)


Prefer local meet up (Toronto), shipping these would cost a shiny penny =P You'll pay shipping + paypal fees. And Canadians can deal in CAD, so we don't have to lose money on conversion rates eh! 

I'll also consider a HD800 trade for my Lyr + cash on my end. Let me know your offers!


Thanks a lot!

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