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V-Moda M100's too bassy?

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So I'm thinking of buying the M100's and I've been reading a lot of reviews and from what I gather the M100's produce a lot of bass. Sure I listen to a lot of EDM and I'm sure the M100's would be great, but how do other genres like rock, indie, country, etc. sound? 

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Eh, they're bassy but I wouldn't say they're TOO bassy. This is coming from a mild basshead, however. What you won't like about them is their recessed mids that the bass does lay right on top of. For the genres you are going to use them for, I'd pass and go with something else. Are you wanting something that is portable, and strictly closed? If so, the Sennheiser Momentum would do those things well. I currently have both of those pairs of headphones in front of me and am demoing them. 

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I would look at the polk audio ultrafocus 8000 and nad viso hp50
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For me the m100s are bass monsters and they are only good for electronic music. They are trash with rock and metal.
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To me, the M-100 are at my maximum bass tolerance level. That said, I'm not a bass head, but I think they're bass monsters.

The M-100 works well with EDM or something related to that genre. Though when it comes to other brighter or less bass intensive genre, I find myself grabbing some other headphones.
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