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V-Moda M100 vs ATH-M50

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Hi guys, so I recently broke my pair of V-Moda M80s and with the discount from V-Moda I would be able to buy a pair of M100s for about $150. I've heard mixed review about the M100s and almost all positive review for the M50s. So my question is, for the discounted price I can get on the V-Modas, should I go with the M100s or the M50s?

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I wouldn't hesitate to get the M100's. I would recommend them to anybody with modern music tastes. They are quite beloved, and with a similar sound.

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The M100 have more bass

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The M-100 has more bass than the M50, but better in terms of comfort and portability. They are much smaller and don't seem to bother others when you wear them outside. One problem with the M-100 is that if you have big ears, they would turn into on-ears.
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