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Woo WA7 Issue

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Since receiving my Wa7 there has been issues regarding drop outs and crackles for about 4 seconds every 30 minutes or so. The issue appears to cause the sound to lag in regards to any video content that I am using. I am using Windows 8 and have updated the drivers supplied by Woo. It's slightly startling as from looking all over the internet I cannot find a single person having the same or a remotely similar issue. This isn't remote to a single media player, it is across all computer audio. Checking with the DPC latency checker it is definitely an issue with latency and not one with the amplifier itself. Anyone had a similar issue in regards to conflicting drivers or problems with the DAC? Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hmm my friend was having issues with dropout using his Schiit stack and we resolved it by going in and disabling the Wi-Fi in Start --> Run --> Device Manager --> finding the wifi component and right-click and 'disable'. Not sure if that will help but you can try it out. Also, try unplugging all USB devices from your PC except for just the WA7.

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Have you tried updating your usb drivers as well?
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