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Bayerdynamic DT770 Ohms - Stupid question

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Hey all......First post, first stupid question so I apologize in advance. I bought some used DT770 Pro's from an Amazon merchant which claimed to be the 250Ohm version. The headphones just arrived and they seem to be the older model DT770s and on the ear cup they are marked 2x80ohm. My stupid question is what does 2x80 mean? Are these the 80 Ohm version? (Also has a straight cord, not coiled) If so, I am not really that concerned as I only paid $125 for them, which is a good deal, but I just want to be sure what I received. Also, in regard to the older model DT770s, is there any difference in sound between the old\new versions? I read a post that said that the changes were only cosmetic, but that is the only information I have found so far. All opinions and information is welcome. Thanks.
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Not sure but I think that 2x80 ohms means 2 drivers (left and right) rated at a total of 80 ohms?  I may be wrong.  Just a guess.


My DT770s have 250 ohms printed on the side so if you are not happy with them, I'd send them back.  Are they all black or are they black and silver (in color)? If they are the silver and black DT 770's, I believe those are the original 770s that have been discontinued and quite hard to find.  I might hold on to them if this is the case.


Best of luck.

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