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All you headphone modders!

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Firstly, hello esteemed population of Head-Fi, I am deadofmind ^_­^


I have in my possession a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 Pro 64 Ohm headphones. When I purchased them I used them solely for music and communication-less gaming.


Now however, I would like to Mod my headphones to have a detachable Cord and microphone, and am wondering if anyone has done this before. If there are tutorials for replacing the stock cable with a detachable one I have not been able to find it.


I was thinking something like http://lifehacker.com/5992642/add-a-detachable-microphone-to-your-over-the-ear-headphones

But for HD 280s.


I have a few questions. Where would I go to get materials and things I might need for this mod, and what are good detachable mics like the one in the link, and where can I get them?


Sorry this post doesn't have too much info, I am on my way out the door to get food :­D


Thanks in advance!

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Anyone have any input?


What I am trying to do is something similar to


And add a detachable microphone boom around the same place.


The microphone would plug into the earcup and be wired to run through the detachable cord, which would end in 2 of the plugs that you use for pc gaming.


I need help as I don't have a single clue what kind of cord, plugs, and jacks I would need. If anyone could help me with this it would be great! Also, I don't know where to get good quality detachable boom mics, they all seem to come with the headphone only and I can't find places that sell JUST the microphone.


Help please! ^_­^;

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You could use a 3.5mm chassis on the cups and use this cable, which has a mic built right into the end of it for these exact purposes.




The chassis I use for my detachable mods are these most of the time: 







Just a different nut.


photo 2.png

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Try the Modmic




Hope that helps!

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Wow! Those look awesome! Thanks for the quick reply.


I found the original mod for the pic I used in my post here


And it looks like he removed the little PCB inside the earcup. Is this PCB removable? What purpose does it serve?


While I would love to use that mic (I found it before) If I decided not to have a mic, I would be out of a cable! That's mostly why I want to do 2 connectors, one for the Mic, the other for the cable, so I can remove the Mic and not have to worry about using a second cable.


Kind of like this


So I could just pop it out and keep going if I wanted to.


What kind of plugins do other removable mics use?


Thank you.

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Originally Posted by niceguyliu View Post

Try the Modmic




Hope that helps!

I have a modmic, and it works great but if he wants to connect it straight to his headphones without multiple wires he shouldn't get it.



Originally Posted by deadofmind View Post


What kind of plugins do other removable mics use?


Thank you.

Some use 3.5mm stereo jacks (the one you linked would) and some use 3.5mm mono jacks. If there are 3 poles on the connector of the mic, it's stereo.

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OK, so I tried to visualize what I was thinking of doing, cus not even I really know ;D and this is what I came up with!


BEHOLD! Great art!


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Yes, it would need a TRRS chassis (4 pole 3.5mm jack).

The cord would need 4 wires in it. (from tip to base) LEFT, RIGHT, GROUND, MIC

Before ordering the mic 3.5mm chassis, figure out what mic you're going to use so you know if you need to order a mono 3.5mm chassis, or a stereo one. If it has 2 poles on the connector it's mono, if there is 3, it's stereo. 


I did this to some DT990s but it had dual entry and dual mic jacks

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Having mic jacks like that sounds like a good idea, but after you plug the mic in and place it where you want it to stay, it just spins inside of the 3.5mm jack. I did it for another headfier. I think that's what he found out, because he sent it back to me to have the cable converted to just a 3.5mm connector for music and is using something else for gaming now.

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