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IEM recommendations

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Hi all,

I'm looking for a new pair of Iems. Sadly my Fischer dba - 02 wire housing has finally split. So I'm in the market for a new pair.

I've narrowed it down to either the dba-02 mk II or the er-4pt. I'm also open to other suggestions.

I currently have a schitt asgard - > HD600 and these dba - 02s.

I primarily listen to jazz and classical.

Edit: price range would be about 250-300 usd


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I've not tried those particular Fischers; Fischer Audio has a knack of getting a good sound but has so many different products!


What are you using the IEMs for? Just as a change for the HD600s, or is this for portable use? Do you have an amp for walking around with? What's your source?

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I would be using these for a portable setup and at the office. Coworkers wouldn't appreciate open drivers like the HD600. At work I would have a nuforce udac 2 in terms of extra source equipment.

Unfortunately I only have a cmoy amp with a nexus 4 as a source when I'm on the run.

Thanks for the Help!
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The Schiit Asgard/HD600 combo sounds like you prefer a warm and relaxed presentation, but the DBA-02 is reported as being on the bright side.


If you liked these then the ER-4PT might be a good choice, but these require a good seal to get the most from them. I'd recommend Complyfoam tips with them.


I'm just trying my colleague's Final Audio Heaven IV in-ears - If you're considering the Etymotics these might be worth considering too. They have much the same tech/features as the Etys but with a greater choice of silicone tips which may provide a better seal.


Great bass, and detail too.

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I listen to your genre of music and the vsonic gr07 be are my favorites. Very reasonably priced at $120 shipped usd. 

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Dunu dn-2000 gets my vote, can probably get it for $285-315.
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Why the dn2000? I'm always a little weary of the latest headfi craze...

I kind of got the dba-02 knowing it'd be different. It was more of a have fun purchase but I kind of want a more analytical sound now. I'll take a look at the final heavens as well when I'm back home.

Thanks for the replies biggrin.gif
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Actually, Literally just read it was "bad" for Jazz.


I don't see that honestly, it's fairly flat, very revealing & analytical, good all around iem with a ton of accessories.

I not sure exactly what eq would be ideal for jazz though maybe higher mid bass and treble? Whatever it is, one could always just eq it to get the perfect sound :)

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I'm curious about the Final Audio Heaven IV, in terms of the SQ compared to the ER4. I've been reading some conflicting reviews. As for the tips, I user Ety's triflanges on my DBA-02s anyways.


The DN2k will all depend on if my DBA-02 left channel wire finally gives or not. I kind of want to give it a little more time for the head-fi craze to die down and see where it is after the dust of the release settles... I don't really have the time or money to really go the true head-fi fashion of buying all of them and selling the ones I dislike...


I feel like the GR-07 will have too much bass for me. The reference to them after people described themselves as bass heads kind of scared me off.

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Originally Posted by firemonkey5 View Post

I'm curious about the Final Audio Heaven IV, in terms of the SQ compared to the ER4. I've been reading some conflicting reviews. As for the tips, I user Ety's triflanges on my DBA-02s anyways.


I guess the tips are the important thing - personally I can't get on with those triflange tips as my ear canals are too bent! If those suit you then the Etymotics will likely work out well for you. Myself, I need to use Complyfoam tips to get the best from them.

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Well my left channel sound is starting to get a little wonky so I'll probably place an order for the safer option of the ER4 later today. Thanks all for the replies!
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