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For Sale: He 300 and portable cans and amps

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For Sale:
He 300 and portable cans and amps

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi guys,

I bought the He 300s thinking they were planar magnetic headphones and it turns out they are dynamic drivers. They havent been opened and I was thinking of selling it along with my fiio E11 which i dont use ever since i got my amp.


The logitech headphones were initially bought with portability in mind but their sound signature does not appeal to me. It has been used for a maximum of 5 hours. I am willing to do a straight trade for the MDR V6 or 7506 or grado sr80 that is fairly new.


The He 400 were bought from another user but were handled very carefully and same goes for me. I will ship these in the original box without the 1/4 inch adapter. 


The bose are used but still look very good. Does not include the airplane adapter or the pouch.


Hifiman EF3 as most of you know was part of a bundle of he300+ef3. Surprisingly enough I did not buy it as part of a bundle but rather got it from a cousin who got the bundle. He eventually upgraded to little dot mk4 while I was given this. I would like to sell it to fund my schiit lyr purchase. I could also do a bundle for hifiman he 300 and ef3 if you guys would like that. For those of you who don't know, it is basically an EF2A without the dac part. It could start off your tube rolling hobby just like it started my cousins.


I will be shipping from Los Angeles and the price includes shipping. Price does not include paypal fees. 




He-300---  $150 

Logitech UE6000 -- $60

Bose Ae2i  -- SOLD

Fiio E11-SOLD

Hifiman EF3 -- SOLD

Hifiman He 400 -- SOLD


I can do bundles as well. Let me know what you want and I will work out something good :)


Added pics for UE6000. PM for pics as I don't want the thread to be spammed by pictures


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Hey there any pics of the DT990's? Also I assume the $120 including post excludes international?!



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Where exactly are you located? And can we shift this to Private messaging?

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Hi. At $190 for the bundle, you had me hooked a year ago with that kind of deal.

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the 190$ was for the hifiman 300s and the fiio e11. That bundle does not include the beyers lol

Sorry if the title was misleading

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Do you still have the 990s?

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