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Need new cables for IE80

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So for the second time the cables have failed, so I am looking for a replacement cable. I messaged the place where I bought them,who are Sennheiser's importers, and they said it'd cost 50€-60€ for the official cable. Nope. For that price I might as well get better ones that don't fail so often. Any tips or suggestions? The same price range would be great as well as international shipping. I've looked up the following items:




They seem reputable enough and price is right (at least the former's). Also, what does the 5N mean in fron of OFC? Any help would be appreciated.

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I doubt the will ship to Europe, and if they do, the shipping cost can be at least $40.


you could try Forza Audio Work. they're in Europe. send them a pm with your request. 


their cables are well made and priced reasonably.

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You were correct, they sadly don't (don't know why I didn't catch that). In any case I messaged them, but it seems IE80 are not included in their compatible headphone list, so I don't have my hopes up.


As it turned out they have the 99€ and 139€ options for Sennheiser IEMs. Need to think hard if I am getting them, a bit pricey.

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Look up zeroshoe_12000 on ebay. He has a couple of different cables for the ie80's and his "entry" level cable is well made yet very affordable.
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