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New computer speakers "help please"

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As per the title really. I'm in the market to get some new desktop/monitor speakers to hook up to my PC via an audioengine d1.

I need them to be fairly compact as I don't have much room on my desktop. The smaller the better (within reason). Max 150mm wide.

I know that the low frequencies (below 55hz ish) will be pretty much non existent but I can always add a sub at a later date.

I will be using them for around 10% films, 30% games and 60% music.

I have got around £400 to spend and have narrowed it down to either

1) focal xs book. £196.50 but temporarily out of stock ATM. £300 everywhere else.
2) tannoy reveal 402. £210 for the pair.

3) audioengine d1. £130.

I was also looking at a pair of Adam audio a3x but they would push me over budget as I need to include the cost of the audioengine d1. They do have the best bang for buck however with the ribbon tweeters, carbon fibre cone etc. The wife isn't overly keen on the look though.

Any input would be very much appreciated.

Thanks, Matt
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To stretch your budget even more: Adam Artist 3?

Better looks

USB audio input

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I just bought a pair of A3X. Amazing speakers.

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If your getting studio monitors with balanced inputs I would recommend this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Behringer-SRC2496-Ultramatch-Pro/dp/B0002E50J0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1399825869&sr=8-1&keywords=behringer+src2496 over the audio engine same price but you get balanced outputs.

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Emotiva Airmotiv 4s - $399




very highly recommended

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