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For Trade:
[IC] Trade my wood-angled-connector Rosewood LCD-2 for your metal-angled-connector Bamboo LCD-2

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I have a pair of LCD-2's with the full rosewood enclosure - the connector nipple things are made of wood as well. I really like the look of the metal connectors and I also like the bamboo composite, so I just thought I would check to see if anyone wanted to trade. My last requirement would be that your bamboo cans would have the Audeze fazor technology, which in my understanding only some of the newer cans have. 


Bamboo sell new for a little less than Rosewood, but also the metal connectors might be more desirable, so who knows. I would like to make an even trade, but If you need a little convincing I also have vegan / suede pads that I could trade.