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For Sale: Yamaha YH-100 (modified)

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For Sale:
Yamaha YH-100 (modified)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Down-scaling my collection a bit more, so up for sale is a pair of Yamaha YH-100 headphones in perfect working order.

It has been tuned by adding damping inside the cups, so it sounds clearer, faster and less dark (still ever so slightly on the warm side, relaxing and not at all fatiguing and the midrange is still as glorious as ever)

I still use the SR-Lambda more, so it does not get enough use.


The cosmetically it has many marks on the earcups and the pleather has peeled off the earpads. The headpad plastic was broken (common with these) so I fixed it by attaching a modified Sennheiser headpad which works nicely.


PM me if interested. Thanks for looking.

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Great headphones. I can't imagine ever selling my pair, even though I'm missing some scews on one of the ear cups haha.

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