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I notice that the back of the RtiA1 has 2 pairs of inputs, meant for bi-wiring. Do I have to do this? If not, does it matter which input I use?

My amp is a Technics su-z550 and the watts per channel is 70 (8 ohm). Is it decent enough to power the speakers which recommends 20-120 watts? 

link to my amp's specs: . Scroll down to last picture.


Also, any thoughts or opinions on theses speakers i should know about? This is my primary candidate over the Audioengine A5+ because base no past experience, they are not worth it at full price. the Emtovia Airmotiv 4s are out because they would cost too much if buying from online. 


Planning to use these as a near-field setup and upgrading from some unknown passive speaker.

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