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Headphones and Subwoofers

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So after a relaxing night watching the Rugby and NBA I found myself listening to music in my room and moved from the speakers to headphones. I turned my power amp off but accidently left the pre amp on which has a Zu Untertone sub connected. I then put on my LCD2's and started listening to some music on low volume. I then crank the volume and notice I can feel the bass like I have my speakers on. Sounds pretty amazing on some bass heavy music, apart from defeating the purpose of going to headphones as people were trying to sleep I can see myself giving this a go tomorrow when people are NOT asleep.


Anyone else explore this combination of  headphones and sub?

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No because at that point I just as well might as well use speakers.  Like you said, it defeats the purpose of headphones.

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Originally Posted by TMRaven View Post

No because at that point I just as well might as well use speakers.  Like you said, it defeats the purpose of headphones.


Trust me I understand that, I was just curious as to others experience with this novelty.

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Tried something similar but on another level. I often use my pair of EPH-100 with my Beyerdynamic COPs. I get the mids and highs of the yamahas (which are better than the COPs imo), the bass shake of the COPs on my ears/jaw and the amazing isolation. 

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I have always wanted to do it with k701s. As maybe you could get more bass and still retain the sound stage.

Sold my sub a couple of years ago, but when I buy a new sub it will be one of the first things I try.biggrin.gif
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Consider the paper as analogues to your cheek.


1. Regular A4 printer paper cut slightly lager than pads

2. Pin one side with opposing pad or object. Allow other 3 sides to remain un-obstructed

3. Play this 

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Who uses an external subwoofer while listening with headphones? I searched and found a few threads but most seem to be very old. This thread seemed to be one of the most current.


I have an Oppo HA-1 that allows both the front panel headphone and back panel pre-amp outputs to be active simultaneously. My headphones are Oppo PM-2’s.


I took a few components’ out of storage to pair with my active Emotiva Airmotiv 5s Speakers I use with my office PC; an Infinity TSS-Sub4000 powered subwoofer and a Bryston 10B-Sub electronic crossover. I am starting with an 80Hz High with 6db slope and an 80 Hz Low pass with 12 db slope.


The Emotives can be powered off or I can mute the high pass on the crossover. Either method leaves just the external subwoofer and headphones active.


I have no idea how to go about setting levels and phase but curious if others listen to headphones with an external sub.


The “defeats the purpose of headphones” is not relevant to me. I am not concerned with the sub noise in the house and can blast the external speakers if I want. I just enjoy listening to headphones at times.



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