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I just picked up a Fiio Mont Blanc and iPod Classic to play my Apple Lossless files in places other than my listening room. I currently use a pair of Grado SR-125s (and Bose QC-15s occasionally). I'm considering an upgrade with a budget of about $500. The two phones I've been looking at are the HiFiMan HE-500 and the Sennheiser HD-650. Unfortunately, there are no local dealers for either in St. Louis where I can try them out. Thoughts & recommendations?


Bruce F. in Webster Groves, MO

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Welcome to Head-Fi. Sorry about your wallet! biggrin.gif

These two reviews by the same person might help:
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My spare car finally sold and within 30 minutes of having cash in hand, I went online and ordered a pair of HiFiMAN HE-500s. What a great set of headphones! They're still in the break-in phase, but I doubt I'll be wearing the Grado SR-125is anytime soon. Thanks for the reviews.

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The HE500s are a killer set of orthos. You should definitely try to upgrade your amp situation if you want to get the most out of em. Can't go wrong with an O2 or Schitt Vali.

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Thanks. If I'm in my listening room and listening to digital, they get driven by an NAD D1050 DAC/headphone amp that receives ALAC format files streamed from a network attached server. When I'm listening to vinyl, I just plug them in to my Marantz 2270.

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