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I have really silly questions because I'm new here.

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Hi, I have Sennheiser HD598, I initially bought it for listening to musics, and it has done amazing job, especially for acoustic musics.


Recently, I have bought PC games and Bluray movies, I notice that it has no bass and and surround sound at all compared to my previous headset which is Logitech G35 usb headset. ( I couldn't tell how  good 7.1 surround sound from Logitech is, I had to look back while playing Dead Island at late night, it was very scary and real. I almost got a psychosis from using G35)


Please note that I am using HD598 with my notebook, no dac or amp just directly connect it to sound onboard. 


I have several questions about HD598.


1.I have seen people use it for gaming purpose, but from what I have researched, it is a stereo headphone which can not offer real surround sound, but why some people use it instead of other dedicated gaming headphones that offer real surround sound?


2.I know that you can stimulate a gimmick 7.1 surround sound using dolby software from a soundcard, but would it be better than

my previous headset, Logitech G35? 


3.I don't want to buy a new Logitech 35 for playing games and watching movies. I want to maximize my HD598 potential, I don't know if HD598 on a gimmick surround sound will be as good as G35, but I have 200 us dollar budget for buying a good external sound card, what would you recommend? I have come across Asus Xonar U7 which they claim to offer 7.1 surround sound.


Do you think that HD598 on Asus Xonar U7 will be as good as G35?


4.Can I connect PCI sound card to my lap top, I think Asus Xonar Essence STX will be the best for my budget, If possible, I don't want to buy crappy sound cards which I think they are inferior than this soundcard.


I really appreciate all your helps.

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Aren't all "7.1 surround sound headphones" gimmicks? As far as I am aware the 7.1 is done digitally in software, and the signal is ultimately sent to either your left ear or your right ear. The results would be the same whether your headphones or sound card officially support it or if you are running the software on any set of headphones and sound card. The G35s don't actually have separate physical speakers/drivers for each channel, do they? You only have two ears, I'm pretty sure all you can hear is magnitude and relative phase. I don't think humans can determine what angle a sound is coming into each ear, so even if headphones are truly 7.1 with separate drivers for each channel I would still consider it a gimmick.


I wouldn't worry about surround sound in headphones. You probably disagree with me, and I've never actually owned a surround sound speaker system or so called "surround sound headphones," so maybe I don't know what I'm missing out on.


You can't connect a PCI card to a laptop.


The Xonar U7 has 7.1 output channels for a 7.1 channel speaker system. When you plug headphones into it you are only using 2 channels. Again, I believe any claim of headphones having surround sound is just a gimmick.

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