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For Sale: 2 weeks old Fostex TH900 for sale

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For Sale:
2 weeks old Fostex TH900 for sale

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my most favourite headphone in terms of sound with less than 3 hours of usage. Th900 is by far is best sounding headphone I've ever heard. I am the first owner, bought from PriceJapan and received the delivery 2 weeks ago, but so far I've only used it for up to 3 hours. Everything included in the original package, which includes the stand, accessories, original box and even the original plastic bubble-warp etc,will be shipped.   


I like the sound a lot, but I don't like the design, Fostex made the headphone very comfortable by making the clamping very soft. I don't like the way that I feel insecure when I wear it as the fact that I like to move around when I'm enjoying the music. (somehow I prefer the hd650's clamping simply because it makes me feel more secure when I wear it) And I don't think my amp/dac system is good enough to do th900 justice, so maybe someone like to sit down when listen to music will enjoy the th900 more than me.


Payment accepts bank transfer if you are in Australia, paypal is also fine. The price includes shipping worldwide, but buyer pays the paypal fees. If the buyers are in gold coast or brisbane region, we can organise a local pick up too.


First time selling staff here, hope everything is smooth. Let me know if there are any question. :)

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