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Today's Craigslist score includes 3 pairs of vintage headphones:


1. Old Realistic Custom Pro Stereo Headphones

2. Realistic LV-10 (KOSS HV-1) Headphones

3. Pioneer Monitor 10 Headphones




The RS Custom Pro set is junk - it works, but that's about all you can say for them.  The LV-10's sound much better than expected and already have new foam installed on them so they're good to go.  The Pioneer Monitor 10's are what made the whole package worthwhile.  The pads are a little rough and there is a SSN engraved on one side (why do people do this?) but the sound is fantastic.


Since being brought home, the LV-10's and the Pioneers both got a couple of hours re-burn in on them, since they've been sitting for a while in storage.  Both are coming along nicely and are keepers. They all need a good cleaning, but the cords are fine and connectors are solid.


Hard to pass up at $50 for the lot.  I had to drive 50-miles each way to get them, but on the Motorcycle it's no big deal anyway.


Think I got hurt?  :D 

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