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Poll Results: Which Saturday in September would you prefer the meetup on?

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    6 September
  • 64% (9)
    13 September
  • 21% (3)
    20 September
  • 7% (1)
    27 September
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this is good news.  i'll finally get to hear some computer-based set-ups that i've always wanted to.


  however, as i (still) have my music collection on cds (haven't ripped any files from cd to any computer hard drive yet), i'm very interested to hear the ps audio directstream dac connected between a cdp>integrated amp.  i hope this set-up would be possible.


as far as what i can bring, i'll have an spl phonitor available in case anyone is interested.  (as far as cables for the phonitor, i have one pair of neutrik xlr "in" to rca "out").  anyone who wants to hear the phonitor in a different configuration which might require different cable connections, then you're of course welcome to bring your own cables and have at it.


once this meet is confirmed, i might go whole hog and bring my cdp, my integrated and my phones (along with some music on cd that i'm very familiar with) in order to really isolate the ps audio dac.  this way, i'll be very familiar with the sound characteristics of everything else in the chain EXCEPT the ps audio dac. it'll be the only true, accurate way to really judge this piece.


this'll be a fun way for me to spend this coming sat. afternoon.  and i'm sure i'll learn a lot, too.  especially by being able to talk to folks face-to-face who have much more experience with music on computer servers and dacs.  (and the different combinations between the two).



hope this can happen, and i hope more people will chime in and commit to this.


looking foreward to it.    

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well, hang on a minute.


i just checked the retail price of these units.





would there be a chance to hear a USED ps audio directstream?  :atsmile:



(is there a "basic" model to this piece, with certain features being optional?)

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Dang. I have to be in a wedding that day. Would have loved to make it. I really want to hear the directstream.
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terry parr,


There is no downgrade model of the DirectStream.  There are other DACs that PS Audio offers, but none that are a feature reduced version of the DS.  It's in a class all by itself ;)


You're welcome to bring anything you'd like up to and including your whole setup....  You can listen to whatever you'd like in combination with it.  I don't have much in the way of transports at the moment after a customer convinced me to sell him my demo PS Audio PerfectWave Transport / Memory Player.  Just a couple Oppo players here at the moment (and 83 stock and a 83SE modded).  I have some nicer players coming so that discs can be spun at a quality level commensurate with the rest of the systems' abilities.  But for now, my primary music listening mode is via PC based audio into a DAC.  By all means if you want to hear your discs spun at the best quality level, bring your player.



It looks like I picked a bad day for lots of folks.  Hopefully some of you can make it for the more headphone focused get together post Thanksgiving.  


If you are going to be able to make it, please do PM me or send me an email directly (sales at nightanddayaudio dot com) to let me know.  I'll be happy to provide directions, etc. privately.  Thanks!

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Unless there is a big rush at the last minute, this should be a nice, very manageable sized group.  I also let folks know on Audio Nervosa and Audio Circle about the event.  Since it was such last a minute plan on my part to do a get together, I've gotten a fair bit of feedback that it didn't give a lot of folks enough time to arrange their schedules...

Also, lots of folks would have preferred Sunday, especially the head-fiers here who've written to me privately...which is keeping the attendance numbers down to a great number for easy socialization and opportunities for listening in whatever location you want.... the feedback i received on the day to hold a meet will likely mean the headphone centric meet after thanksgiving will be on sunday...  so start planning your schedule now.  I'll post a separate thread for it.  December 7th will be the date unless enough people prefer the 14th.

I'm likely going to do chili as meal food (ultra mild for folks like me :) with spice additives/hot sauce off to the side for everyone else) to keep it easy, as well as the usual munchies (chips, dips, maybe some cheeses, sodas, maybe a cookie or two, etc.)  If you have specific dietary needs, please just bring something you like.  I'll have a couple adult beverages to offer but that's not my focus these days with a 2.5 year old wearing me out daily.  So if you want to have an adult beverage while here and a yeungling and/or my spirit cabinet doesn't work for you, please bring along something you like and/or want to share.  

If you've not responded to me yet via PM or email to say you are coming, please do so and you are more than welcome to attend.  Thanks!

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