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For Sale or Trade: V Moda M100

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For Sale or Trade:
V Moda M100

Will Ship To: UK/EU

IC (Interest check) for these headphones:- 


I am primarily interested in trades,


Namely: T51p / T5p / T1 / HD25 or one of the higher end Hifiman Planars, cash added respectively where needed.


But I am also after just anything "interesting" so shoot me with an offer, cash or trade and see if we can sort something out!


I received these today, in perfect condition as part of a trade, so have spent minimal time with them.


Sadly after taking them home and spending about 2 hours with them, although Initially i had positive impressions initially I feel someone else would be much happier with them.



The headphones include original box, headphone case, An extra headphone case, the two stock cables and two extra cables, along with an extra set of pads.



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For Sale: £325 (GBP)
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